Sunday, September 21, 2014

a brighter period... (pm.21.sep.14)>

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 61.7F (16.5C)
High temp: 73.4F (23.0C)
Rainfall: none

It's a beautiful evening -- with partly cloudy skies, relatively low humidity and comfortably mild temperatures.  Our proportion of sunshine today was greater than just about any day since the start of the monsoon season nearly three months ago.  There was some cloud development over the mountains which led to a couple of isolated showers further to our north and east, but we reverted to our recent dry streak after yesterday's setback.

We're set up for some nice late September weather during the coming few days, thanks to a rather dry northwesterly flow in the middle and upper-levels of the atmosphere, combined with some slightly less-moist air in the surface layers.  Although there will probably still be some cloud development in the vicinity of the mountains towards the afternoon hours, I'm hopeful that it won't be as extensive as it was during much of last week.  It's hard to ignore the risk of an isolated PM shower, but at this point, the chances of that happening look to be small.

I have to say that there are some disturbing-looking signs showing up toward the latter part of the week, as some resurgent low-level moisture creeps back in our direction from the southeast.  That could cut into our sunshine and increase our chance of scattered showers/thunder as early as Thursday...