Sunday, September 21, 2014

flipping and flopping... (am.21.sep.14)>

The sky is 100% clear early on this Sunday morning, and the humidity reading is just 57%.  That's one of the lowest I've seen at this time of the morning since June.  There has been no additional rainfall overnight -- but last evening's thundershowers delivered 0.88" (2.2cm) at my location in the upper part of town, most of which occurred between 4 and 7pm.  The overnight low temp has been 61.7F (16.5C).

As is often the case during September, we're getting a lot of mixed signals from the atmosphere, and from the computer models which crunch data and try to understand what the atmosphere is doing.  As I've said over and over, we've still not totally purged lingering pockets of tropical moisture from our air mass here along the front slopes of the mountains, and it certainly looks like we'll continue to go through some minor ebbs and flows as the rest of this month plays out.  At the same time, true monsoon conditions continue to loosen their grip, and the India Met Department is saying an official withdrawal declaration could be coming soon.  You can follow the latest on that by keeping an eye on the AWAITING MONSOON'S END tab above.

We could see increasing clouds and another shot at some thundershower action later today, but generally, the next several days should feature lower daily average humidity readings and greater amounts of sunshine.  Thereafter, there are hints of increasing shower/thunder chances as next weekend approaches...