Thursday, September 25, 2014

indiscriminate dumpings... (am.25.sep.14)>

I've been away on a trek (and unplugged) way up above Kanyara the last couple of days -- so haven't been able to post updates.  We got hit with several waves of very heavy rain showers yesterday afternoon on the way down the mountain -- mainly between about 2:00 and 4:30pm.  I can't be sure, but it seemed like there could have been at least 2" (5cm) from just above Kanyara down to near Norbulingka.  Surprisingly, by the time I reached home in the upper part of McLeod shortly after 7pm, my rain gauge was barely wet!!  That's a real-time example of how vastly different conditions can be here in our general vicinity.

This morning we have mostly sunny skies, but of course it's not going to last.  The daily build-up of thick clouds along the front slopes of the mountains is surely to happen again today -- thanks to the blobs of lingering tropical moisture that have refused to be displaced.  There is no indication that we're going to see an appreciable or long-lasting turn of events that would change that reality.

Look out for more isolated to scattered shower/thunder development during mainly the afternoon/evening hours for the next several days at least.  And just like what happened yesterday -- some of us could get dumped on, while others miss out.