Tuesday, September 16, 2014

mid-september issues... (am.16.sep.14)>

The sky is 100% clear at sunrise this morning, but humidity is a bit higher than it was this time yesterday morning -- currently 78%.  I'm recording an overnight low of 60.4F (15.8C), and there has been no new rainfall to report.

Yesterday (Mon) was the first totally rain-free day since way back on the 29th of August.  Although there have been three or four days since then that I've recorded only trace or scanty amounts of rain, there was at least something to report every day.  We'll see if yesterday was truly the beginning of something new, or if it was just a rogue dry day in the midst of this dying phase of our monsoon season.

There are no significant large-scale features on the weather charts for the rest of this week, or even into early next week for that matter.  Our main issues will concern the subtleties of lingering pockets of latent moisture here along the front slopes of the mountains, and what kind of cloud/fog development we'll face, mainly during the afternoon and evening hours.  Also, isolated PM shower development along the mountains remains a possibility. 

Our situation has definitely moved in a more positive direction, but we've still not reached the point where we can be assured of totally sunny skies...