Friday, September 5, 2014

not breaking yet... (pm.05.sep.14)>

There's no rain falling at this particular moment -- but that could change again in a matter of seconds.  Once again, we've had numerous periods of light to moderate rain during the past 24 hour period, with only some brief drying-out moments in between.  Since midnight, I've measured 1.28" (3.3cm), bringing the total since Tuesday up to 3.74" (9.5cm).  The rainfall intensity has never been all that heavy, but the persistence and consistency of the precipitation has kept rain gauges ticking upward for four days in a row.

As computer models were projecting, the heaviest rainfall totals have ended up being concentrated just to our west -- from the Punjab/Pakistan border up into the heart of Jammu & Kashmir, where some serious flooding has been occurring.  Although both the dynamic and thermodynamic factors in this atmosphere are beginning to ease up a bit, there is still a good chance of some significant rainfall development overnight, and into Saturday as well... though it should be more random and scattered as time goes on.

There are some positive signs appearing as we head into early next week.  We may not be able to totally remove the risk of rain showers from the forecast -- especially during the afternoon and evening hours -- but our air mass should dry out quite a bit, with some periods of sunshine returning and temperatures moderating.

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