Thursday, September 4, 2014

rainy days and nights... (pm.04.sep.14)>

We've had many periods of light to moderate rain and drizzle during the past 24 hours, and we're in the middle of one of those right now.  I'm keeping track of rainfall amounts in the McLeod main market area as well as on Tushita Road below the mountaineering center, and it seems that there's been just over an inch (2.5cm) since last evening, with about 0.75" (1.9cm) since midnight.  Those aren't really such big amounts, but it's been spread out over many hours.

This morning I mentioned that computer models were showing the heaviest rainfall potential just to our west, along the India/Pak border, and that seems to have been the case thus far.  More than 8" (20.3cm) of rain fell in and around Lahore, Pakistan earlier today -- here at the end of a monsoon season that has failed to bring them much rain at all up til now.

A pipeline of moisture-packed air continues to flow into extreme northwestern India, as a weak disturbance and a pool of slightly cooler air drifts across the western Himalayan region.  That's going to keep things ripe for more waves of rain shower development tonight through Friday.  We could still end up getting some heavier rainfall amounts here in our immediate area during the coming 24-30 hours, so keep that in mind.

There could be some improvements in the overall weather scenario starting to show up by Saturday, but each successive run of the data is showing more and more lingering moisture hanging around here -- even into early and middle parts of next week.