Saturday, September 6, 2014

spared the worst... (pm.06.sep.14)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 60.2F (15.7C)
High temp: 68.9F (20.5C)
Rainfall since midnight: 0.54" (1.4cm)

There is some sunshine visible down in the valley below, but it's cloudy and foggy here in McLeod this evening, with a few light showers roaming the area during the past hour and a half or so.  Unless something else gets going very soon, we can say that nearly all of our measurable rainfall today occurred between about midnight and 9am -- with the vast majority of that during a heavy downpour right around 3:30am.  The sun managed to make a decent appearance today, however, mainly during the mid-day period, but cloudiness and some fog thickened up again shortly after 3:00pm.

It's been a very soggy and damp several days (since Tuesday), with very little sunshine at all until earlier today.  This latest period of active monsoon conditions has brought devastating flooding to parts of Jammu & Kashmir, as well as some areas of extreme eastern Pakistan.  We got off fairly easily, with our rainfall remaining below the kind of rates that can overwhelm the run-off system and cause significant flooding, washed-out roads and landslides.  Still, I've measured between four and five inches (10-13cm) of rain since Monday, getting us off to a strong start for the month of September.

Although there isn't a super-dramatic withdrawal of monsoon moisture expected during the coming several days, there should be some noticeable improvements.  The deepest tropical moisture will retreat just enough to our southeast to allow us to see more sun, slightly lower humidity readings, and less hours of rain and drizzle during most of next week.  We'll still be subject to quite a lot of mainly PM cloud/fog development, along with the risk of an hour or two of showers/thunder, though.