Wednesday, September 17, 2014

sun's challengers... (am.17.sep.14)>

We have bright sunshine early on this Wednesday morning.  The overnight low temp has been 61.5F (16.4C), with no rainfall to report.  The humidity reading stands at 84%.

That relative humidity number has crept up again the last couple of mornings, and that's to be our major concern.  It's a measure of how much latent moisture our air mass is holding, and is often a very good indicator of the development of clouds after the morning sun gets a chance to warm up the lower levels of the atmosphere for a couple of hours.

The general weather pattern itself is totally benign, with no storm system in play at all here across the western Himalayan region.  However, whatever moisture that is still lingering here is not going to allow us to get away with fully sunny days -- continue to expect gradual cloud development toward the mid-day hours, with some PM fog at times, too.  Also, the risk of a period of showers during the afternoon is still worth mentioning.

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