Monday, September 15, 2014

towards liberation... (pm.15.sep.14)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 59.9F (15.5C)
High temp: 72.7F (22.6C)
Rainfall: none

We're immersed in rather thick cloudiness and fog at the moment -- which stands in stark contrast to what we were enjoying for the vast majority of the day.  Sunshine totally dominated until just a few cumulus clouds started to develop over the mountains during the late morning.  Those clouds never looked threatening at all throughout the afternoon... and it's only been since about 5:00pm that the bases have lowered enough to put us in the soup for awhile.  We should return to mostly clear skies not long after sunset, though.

Overall, today has been a vast improvement over anything else we've experienced during the month of September thus far.  Humidity readings were in the 55-70% range  for most of the day -- an indication that our air mass has dried out considerably in the past 24 hours or so.  As I said this morning, literally ALL of the available computer model data is showing dry, calm and quiet weather for us this week, with the average moisture content of our air mass remaining lower than it has been since before monsoon season began (apart from a few unseasonably dry days in late August).

Mid-day cloud development over the mountains will be something to watch carefully, and there could still be some isolated PM shower/thunder development -- otherwise it seems we could be embarking upon a tangible shift toward post-monsoon conditions.  Pretty much right on schedule.