Monday, September 1, 2014

wetter scenario ahead... (pm.01.sep.14)>

It's a calm, peaceful and rather beautiful sunset out there on this first evening of September, with just a few patches of mid-level clouds hovering around.  We had to deal with quite a lot of cloudiness today, however, and even a few periods of mainly light rain showers which were mostly confined to the 8:00am to noon range.

All of the data and weather charts continue to show a very interesting evolution as we move into the middle of this week, as a fresh surge of monsoon moisture pushes up against the front slopes of the north Indian Himalayan ranges.  It's always difficult (if not impossible) to nail down all the specifics, but increasing humidity during the coming 48 hours will lead to more persistent cloudiness and the development of some rather widespread fog -- with heavier rain showers becoming more likely.  As of right now, it appears that Wednesday night through early Saturday will be the prime time for us to pick up some potentially very heavy rainfall.  Tonight's computer model data is showing impressive totals of at least 4" (10cm) in our immediate area during that period.

A shot of drier air will chase much of the moisture away during this coming weekend, but it looks like we're still not talking about a permanent withdrawal of monsoon conditions just yet...