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**WEDNESDAY 8:00AM -- I'm surprised to see an additional 0.70" (1.8cm) of rain in the gauge overnight. We also had some thunder, lightning and occasionally gusty winds during the wee hours.

Monday, February 6, 2017

minor issues this week... (pm.06.feb.17)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 40.6F (4.8C)
High temp: 52.9F (11.6C)
Precipitation: 0.17" (4mm)

Predawn thundershowers capped off our recent storm system, bringing the total rainfall since late Saturday evening up to 1.02" (2.6cm).  That's about a half-inch (1.2cm) less than what the average of all the computer model data was suggesting --  but still a healthy enough amount of moisture during this first week of February.

Our weather pattern during these coming several days isn't a totally quiet one, but neither is it a particularly stormy one.  Temperatures should average out just slightly cooler than normal for this time of year between tomorrow (Tue) and Friday, with hints of a significant warm-up over the weekend.  Rain chances aren't great, but we stand at least a slight chance of picking up a few mainly light showers between Wednesday afternoon and Friday, as the next upper-level disturbance and pool of cold air aloft drifts across northern India.